Using exponential technologies to impact more people #proyectoconcausa Guatemala

Throughout this covid19 pandemic, the way of communicating, teaching, understanding and above all of impacting more people has changed.

In order to reach more people in places where it was physically impossible to reach due to the location or marginal sectors of the areas, with a single tool that can be a mid-range / high-end cell phone or computer with internet access; We were able to reach 350 women from the comfort of their homes, working together with the mayors of all areas, the logistics were possible thanks to all the sector coordinators. With this we emphasize that each part of the team is vital to make this project a reality where all possible hands are added to continue impacting more people.

All of our teachers are part of this vision of fostering development for more people, combining their passion for handwork and our cultural beliefs that have been part of our history.

We want to thank all the people linked to this social program, because together we form a great chain that continues to impact more Guatemalans.
This pandemic not only taught us that changes are good, it showed us to see teaching differently and that we can continue to change the lives of other people if we align ourselves with the same vision. May 2021 be full of impact to more people, reasons for change for the better and above all fill us with more purposes.

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