Transforming women of change Momostenango / MINECO

This program is aimed at providing women with the opportunity to join the formal labor market, and promoting their economic independence. In this way, we can help them overcome poverty and achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their families.
The project was implemented in Momostenango, Guatemala, which is one of the poorest municipalities in the country. The project will provide training to 16 women in the area of  handicrafts.

This will allow them to gain access to markets that offer better opportunities for income generation than agriculture alone. The goal is to increase household income per month, so they can cover their basic needs and send their children to school.

This intense training process for 5 continuous days where the participants were trained in the formation of crafts in basic basketry, improving current skills.
The participating women were trained in the handling of manual tools for the manufacture of baskets and bags such as: basic techniques for making handmade baskets with recycled plastic thread; sales training and presentation of products for sale to the public.
We are forever grateful for the impact this program has changed more families.
Garments Guatemala / MINECO

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