#proyectoconcausa In alliance with the municipality of Guatemala

Auxiliary mayor zone 2 / Garments Guatemala

We are conducting training for young women who want personal improvement! This program is completely free for these young entrepreneurs. it seeks to impact women with lack of access to a job; women who are the support of their family nucleus or wish to provide support to their relatives.

We are also offering free specialized courses to the best students from all areas with first-degree needs to impact their vulnerable areas on a large scale. in this way, the students are replicators of their work and can create more opportunities.

We wish these programs to impact more departmentally, but it has not been an easy task, finding entities that support this cause are very scarce and limited in vision. therefore we are always looking for more people to make an impact.

20 students selected from high risk areas

20 students have been selected who demonstrated their abilities in aesthetics and product presentation. This will allow them to be in the modules of specialization to develop more basketry techniques and to diversify their niche markets. We hope these programs can continue and develop more people in Guatemala.

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