#proyectoconcausa Empowering women of change – pandemic status

20 women were selected for this new #proyectoconcausa program. where the artisan culture of handmade products was taught. Throughout this program it has had an impact on low-income women, single mothers, women who want support in their family environment.

For this case, there were 20 young women from zone 2, in the city of Guatemala. We have an alliance with the Directorate of Women of the Municipality of Guatemala where women over 30 years of age can be trained, in order to sectorize groups of women and cover individual purposes for each age segment.

Knowing each woman’s story opens up our minds where we can have a better world if we start from an education and training highlighting our traditions in Guatemala.

A study has been carried out with more than 200 women, where 100% of people change their minds about the price of handmade products at the end of the course, they consider that the initial price is not worth what the work entails, the hours spent work, pasience, and above all the love with which every detail is manufactured.

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