IMPACT CASE / First deaf student

Evelin Morales, Ciudad Guatemala

Evelin Morales
History: 21-year-old Evelin was born with hearing disabilities, her mother I leave when I was a baby; due to lack of resources he did not attend a school special for deaf and dumb, so he lacks basic studies, he doesn’t know Sign language or communicate with more people. To adopted a communication imitation system where you learn about what you look at and imitates, understanding by sight and logical learning instructions, Evelin, He doesn’t leave home because he doesn’t know how to communicate, he doesn’t have a job because he doesn’t knows sign language or studies; only relatives understand part of What you talk or try to communicate. Now Evelin ended the period of course. This is an opportunity in which your dad set out to sell handmade products handmade by a deaf mute.

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