Empowering Women in Guatemala through Fashion with a New York Twist

Vanessa Alejandra a fashion designer from New York, Gaby and Ilma Garments artisans.

Empowering Women in Guatemala through Fashion with a New York Twist

In the heart of the red zones of Guatemala City, a transformative social program is creating opportunities and empowering local women. Garments Guatemala’s “#proyectoconcausa” is making a difference in the lives of these women, enabling them to generate income from the comfort of their homes while instilling a sense of purpose and community.

Recently, this project had the honor of receiving a very special visitor: a fashion designer from New York. This designer, with a long-standing career in the fashion industry, took a keen interest in Garments Guatemala’s unique approach to crafting products and their commitment to empowering women. The visit not only provided her with the opportunity to learn about the process behind the products but also allowed her to connect with the women who are behind each purse, garment, and item crafted with love and dedication.

The Cause Project: Transforming Lives

Garments Guatemala’s “#CauseProject” is much more than a job training initiative; it’s a catalyst for social change. It works directly with women in marginalized communities in Guatemala City, providing them with training in garment and fashion accessory production. The program not only teaches them valuable skills but also offers them the chance to earn income from home, which is especially important for those facing barriers to conventional employment due to various circumstances.

The Visit of a New York Designer: A Transformative Moment

The New York designer was impressed by the passion and skill of the women participating in the program. During her visit, she had the opportunity to see firsthand how purses and garments are created, from the initial design to the finished product. Furthermore, she interacted with the women behind these creations, heard their stories, and understood how the program has positively influenced their lives.

One of the aspects that most struck the designer was the authenticity and meticulous attention these women put into each piece. Each purse carries a unique story and a personal touch that reflects the dedication and love with which it was crafted.

A Bright Future for the Women of Garments Guatemala

Garments Guatemala’s “#CauseProject” is a story of hope and empowerment. Each purse you acquire is not only a beautiful fashion accessory but also a testament to the positive impact this program is having on the lives of Guatemalan women. Each purchase contributes to keeping this cause alive, providing sustenance and opportunity to these women.

By choosing products from Garments Guatemala, you are not only acquiring high-quality fashion but also supporting a social program that changes lives. Join this cause and be part of the transformation. Together, we can make a difference.


#CauseProject: Empowering Women, Inspiring Change.


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