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CC belt Bag

Fanny pack designed to carry what is necessary with high mobility, you can wear it cross.
Handcrafted with recycled yarn, with genuine leather details. Includes central lock with size reducer to adjust it to the desired size.


In the purchase of each Garments product you contribute to generating more employment for Guatemalan women of limited resources, single mothers, women of 3rd. age and in need of employment in red areas of Guatemala City, zone 18 lemon, San Rafael, zone 7 Betania, Landívar, zone 24 and 25.
#proyectoconcausa has trained more than 950 women in order to generate jobs and income for each family nucleus.


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Springfield Hat



45 cm Diameter Head Size
55 cm
56 cm


45 cm Diameter Head Size
57 cm
58 cm


46 cm Diameter Head Size
59 cm
60 cm
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Prada Bag


Designed with a combinable style of outfit for the contemporary working woman. Made from recycled plastic combined with trendy, cutting-edge designs.

More photos visit us!

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Korean Urban Hat Handmade


Collection 2020 Korean Urban Hat Handmade
Inspired by Korean culture, casual urban style for the city, always wearing the latest in fashion trends.

be unique be different, exclusive and patented designs of Garments Guatemala

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Sunshine Hat


Collection 2020
Hats Handmade

Inspired by the tranquility of each moment in our lives, it does not make us feel comfortable, attractive and above all ourselves.

handmade hats, exclusive summer designs, feel unique, made from recycled plastic yarn.

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Briefcase Pro


Multicolored briefcase made by hand, with genuine leather strap, includes size reducer for better coupling. central magnetic clasps. 5lb total load support

Run Length 25 ”
Measures 15 “x10.5” x4 “

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Yin Yang Tote bag


Colletion 2019
We all have a side which is yours?
We present to you this edition inspired by the yin yang this philosophy attributes to everything that exists in the universe. Describe the two opposing and complementary fundamental forces, which are found in all things. Yin is the feminine principle, earth, darkness, passivity and absorption. The yang is the masculine principle, the sky, the light, the activity and the penetration

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CC Bag


Colletion 2019
We like trending, we like you to be unique and original. Spring inspired. Casual and discreet style to take your necessary items wherever you want to go.
Made from recycled plastic contains 14 bottles of recycled plastic. hand-woven every detail embedded with central zipper for better security of your items.Tassel woven in Guatemalan colors of our region with a totem carved in wood and painted by hand.

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